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Case Question #30 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case Question #30 - Essay Example Whistle blowing is acceptable on the grounds that it uncovered defilement and misbehaviors, which could hurt the general public. On the off chance that Ayer does nothing he is making hurt the general public, to himself, since he would continue feeling regretful and furthermore to the association on the grounds that the administration may not know at which level such things are going on. b. In the event that Ayer griped there is each opportunity that assembling would stop and many would lose their positions. Whistle blowing is a mind boggling social wonder. While it uncovered debasement in the general public or the association, it very well may be terrible in light of the fact that it adds up to break of trust. An informant needs to consider three components before taking the choice to whistle blow - difference, devotion and allegation (Rocha and Kleiner, 2005). The common intuition of the individual in seeing a wrong doing is to report about the activity. What keeps down the individual is the dread †the outcomes that may emerge out his activity. Ayer ought to deliberately survey the circumstance, examine it with partners and carry it to the notification of the administration so that it makes the least mischief the general public or the association or to his partners. His thought process in whistle blowing isn't malevolent or vested with individual interests. Ay er would not be settling on a moral choice on the off chance that he didn't do anything just on the grounds that his partners would lose positions. c. On the off chance that Ayer passes up discharging the data to the news paper and the telecom companies, it would have repercussions both on the firm and on Ayer. At the hour of work, generally representatives need to sign a ‘non-exposure agreement’ which ties them and keeps them away from uncovering insider facts of the organization to the general population. Simultaneously, open intrigue requests that an expert must be a moral individual (Camerer, 1996). Whistle blowing would likewise add up to unfaithfulness to the association. Consequently the individual reels under the misery of

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Douglas Gibson Andy Fraser Business Law - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Talk About The Douglas Gibson Andy Fraser Business Law? Answer: Introducation There are various torts in Australia, which are applied on the day by day lives of the individuals. In any case, the most conspicuous one in such manner is the tort of carelessness. Where an instance of carelessness is appeared by the distressed party, they can make a case of carelessness in the court and are granted damages[1]. So as to show that an instance of carelessness was available, the distressed party needs to show that specific segments were available. These are the obligation of care being owed towards them, the obligation of care being contradicted/disregarded, the equivalent bringing about injury/misfortune/hurt, the misfortune being sensibly predictable, the remoteness of misfortunes, the closeness among parties, and in conclusion, the immediate causation component[2]. Aside from these necessities, which have been given under the custom-based law, the legal law additionally furnishes the arrangements with respect to carelessness and this have been expressed under the Ci vil Liability Act, 2002[3], which is pertinent in the purview of New South Wales. Under segment 5B(1) of this demonstration, it has been expressed that an individual can be considered responsible for the attempted carelessness in such a situation where there has been no disappointment in embraced the necessary safety measures against the specific danger of misfortune or injury, trailed by the danger of such misfortune being predictable in a sensible way and the equivalent noteworthy so that a sensible individual would have applied certain precautionary measures to protect from its occurrence[4]. Under segment 5B(2) of this demonstration, the obligation of care is regarded to be negated whenever there is an opportunity of the damage or the misfortune occurring and the equivalent isn't considered appropriately, and this mischief or misfortune is not kidding in nature. Likewise, there must be a disappointment in contemplating, the weight of applying the needful insurances or protects in order to maintain a strategic distance from the mischief and the social utility o f the action which was undertaken[5]. For building up an instance of carelessness, the absolute initial step is to exhibit the nearness of obligation of care by one individual to the next person. In such manner, the instance of Donoghue v Stevenson[6] ends up being of help. For this situation, a dead snail was seen as present inside the ginger brew bottle, which was produced by the respondent of this case. The respondent denied that they owed an obligation of care towards the purchaser as the shopper had purchased the container in a bistro. The defilement of the jug made the offended party wiped out and the court concurred with her case that the respondent had penetrated their obligation of care for this situation. The raison d'tre for holding that an obligation of care was available for the litigant was given to be the connection between the producer and the purchaser, and the predictability of such injury in a balanced manner[7]. Next comes setting up that a commitment of care was repudiated which brought about a noteworthy misfortune or mischief to the plaintiff[8]. On account of Paris v Stepney Borough Council[9], this was built up effectively. For this situation, the respondent had utilized the offended party for a specific work, which expected him to be furnished with security types of gear. Be that as it may, this was not done and the offended party got blinded as a corroded jolt flew into his eye subsequent to getting free. The offended party sued the litigant for penetrating their obligation of care and the court maintained the case as the setback on part of the respondent in giving the needful types of gear was viewed as a negation of the commitment of care. The visual deficiency was a huge physical issue, which prompted the harms being granted to the offended party. In the Wagon Mound case, completely known as Overseas Tankship (UK) Ltd v Morts Dock and Engineering Co Ltd[10] the harms were not grant ed due to the remoteness of harms. Along these lines, the harms can't be remote and must be considerable in nature for a case of carelessness to succeed[11]. Another part of making a case of carelessness is the injury to be predictable in a way which can be esteemed as predictable. For choosing if a specific misfortune or damage is sensibly predictable or not, the perspective on an unprejudiced reasonable individual must be taken and this prerequisite was given in the legitimate matter of Wyong Shire Council v Shirt[12]. Another prerequisite is for the gatherings to have closeness between them in such a way, that the activities attempted by one gathering can affect the other party. On account of Perre v Apand[13] because of the nearness, the offended parties farmland was curved and the court expressed that the respondent needed to repay the offended party for their misfortune. Upon the necessities expressed here being finished, the courtroom builds up the nearness of carelessness and grants the harms refered to by the plaintiff[14]. A standard of care is likewise set for experts, which was given in the milestone instance of Rogers v Whitaker[15]. In this specific example, the respondent had been nearly blinded, since she was just nine, in her one eye. At the point when she achieved the age of forty seven, she went for a schedule based examination and there she was alluded for a medical procedure, and this referral proposed her to go to the litigant. The litigant expressed that by going ahead with this activity, on her working eye, it would be kept from a chance of glaucoma as the scar tissue would be expelled from her great eye. When the activity was embraced, the state of her eye didn't improve in her great eye, and her practically visually impaired eye got totally blinded. It was found later on that the respondent had not been made mindful of the dangers of this activity by the appealing party thus, an inquiry was brought up in the court concerning the appellants disappointment in educating the patient about t he dangers, as a break of their obligation of care. In the perspective on the court, this activity of the appealing party was an away from of the commitment of care since the court accepted that the respondent was not made mindful about the dangers, which could have permitted the litigant in settling on a good choice, where they could or couldn't have proceeded with the activity. The explanation behind holding the appealing party at risk was the distinction in the standard of care for a talented individual from a conventional person[16]. The contextual investigation for which the examination is being directed has comparable realities to the instance of Cattanach v Melchior[17] in which the mother experienced disinfection process with the specialist. But then, she considered and brought forth a sound kid. For this situation, the court maintained the request of the mother and held the specialist careless, whereby he was approached to give money related remuneration to the mother, which was equivalent to a sum for the expense of raising and keeping up a sound infant. The given contextual analysis features that Nguyens were the patient of Dr. Obvious and this built up a relationship of patient and specialist between the two. This relationship shows that there was vicinity among Nguyens and Dr. Obvious, where the activities of the specialist could affect Nguyens without any problem. Applying the instance of Donoghue v Stevenson, the specialist would be considered to owe an obligation of care towards Nguyens as any setback in satisfying their work, could harm Nguyens. As an obligation of care was available, the specialist was under a commitment to educate Nguyens that the technique being attempted gotten the opportunities of recanalization, which could get Nguyens pregnant significantly after cleansing. There is a need to show that the obligation was penetrated and this is available in the specialist not advising the Nguyens that this system could bring about recanalization. This break of obligation is available because of the relevance of Rogers v Whitaker, where the specialist owed a better quality of care because of being an expert. Furthermore, the nonappearance of this data shows that the Nguyens couldn't settle on an educated choice. The penetrate of obligation of care can likewise be set up through the instance of Paris v Stepney Borough Council, as the misfortune for this situation would be considered as a significant one inferable from the way that the new conceived infant had Down disorder probability, due to being imagined at a late stage and with age, this chance of ailment was raised. Further, likewise based on Perre v Apand, the nearness between a patient and their primary care physician would make Dr. Distinct subject towards Nguyens. Sensible predictability is a key prerequisite according to the principles expressed above, under the legal and precedent-based law. For making Dr. Obvious responsible under carelessness, segment 5B requires to set up that the specialist had bombed in embraced the necessary consideration and a method of reasoning specialist would have utilized these protections. For this, the perspective on a sensible individual must be considered according to Wyong Shire Council v Shirt. Since the decision of Rogers v Whitaker, specialists have gotten increasingly proactive and are required to illuminate the patients regarding every single imaginable result. As Dr. Unmistakable didn't do as such, he neglected to embrace what was sensible predictable and this would again make him at risk as the Nguyens lost their chance of settling on an educated choice because of need regarding significant data. As the carelessness of Dr. Obvious has just been built up, the appropriateness of the decision of Cattanach v Melchior would make the specialist subject to pay the expense of bringing up and keeping up the kid. What's more, as the kid experienced Down disorder, the specialist would likewise need to pay the clinical expenses of the kid, alongside for the psychological trouble caused to the Nguyens. To summarize the conversation conveyed here, the relevance of the precedent-based law and the legal law makes Dr. Obvious answerable for carelessness and accordingly, he would need to hold up under the expenses of the childs raising, clinical costs, support, and for the psychological misery caused to the Nguyens. Regardless of whether the new conceived infant can make a case against Dr. Unmistakable based on the Civil Liability Act, or not? Through various case laws, it has been set up that the unborn youngster, upon

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Pursuit of Happiness Essay Topics

Pursuit of Happiness Essay TopicsWriting an essay about the pursuit of happiness is not a difficult task. It is just like writing any other essay. The only difference is that you will be writing about happiness and love, instead of grades and class.The essay should be on one of the two topics that are mentioned above. Both love and happiness are important in a person's life. It is because these two things always make our life interesting. The essays are intended to let the readers know why people of different age groups pursue happiness and love.Pursuit of happiness essay topics should focus on facts, figures, and studies. The essay should include a balance of facts and figures, study and definition, good argument and conclusions. Other more compelling topics may be used as well.Many people try to write and study about the topic and find it very hard to write good arguments. This is because the essays are written by those who do not think too much about writing but merely want to tak e part in writing an essay. This makes it even harder for some of them to think well about their arguments.In order to make a good argument in an essay, you must put your best work. Some essay writers use words without thinking of what they are actually saying. Therefore, they end up with phrases that do not make logical sense. It is like trying to take a bike ride while running through an intersection.People pursue happiness and love not only because of monetary gain or pleasure but also because of something more. What it means is that they pursue happiness and love because they feel that they can have more of it. They feel that they can be happier and live a better life.Essay topics are meant to bring out the best in a person. It is the writer's way of expressing their own personal thoughts and feelings. Just like how in a speech, the writer tries to make his or her audience feel that they are heard and understood. So, it is important that the essay writer should make his or her r eader feel he or she has been heard, understood, and loved.To conclude, the pursuit of happiness essay topics must be written so that the reader can relate to what the writer says. The goal of writing an essay is to make the reader understand what you mean. You must not only express your thoughts but also express what he or she can do. The best way to achieve this is to make sure that the reader can understand the text you are writing.

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The Generation Of Hispanic Leaders - 1589 Words

mission of CHCI is to develop the next generation of Latino leaders. How can leadership be developed within the Latino community? What current Latino leaders are making a difference in your state or community? The presence of Latino leaders in all levels of government is necessary in order to have advocates who will represent the needs of the Latino community. Although the Latino population is on the rise and quickly becoming one of the largest ethnic minorities in the United States, the ethnic and racial backgrounds of leaders in government positions are not reflective of our nation’s diversity. Leadership can be developed within the Latino community by individuals who are active participants, have strong roots in their community, and†¦show more content†¦Raised in Arvin and one of my former classmates, Gurrola comes from a family of Mexican immigrants and understands the disparities my community faces. In an effort to increase access to higher education, Gurrola contributed to the passage of a county proposition allocating funds to establish a community college campus in Arvin. Additionally, he has collaborated with community organizations by increasing access to clean dr inking water and has demonstrated support towards immigrant rights when announcing the city would not use its resources to enforce deportation orders. As a result of his election, Mayor Gurrola has worked to unite my community and encourage youth participation in the process. Following his example, Arvin’s city council has seen the addition of three young Latinas who also ran for city government positions with the vision to improve our community. With their leadership, the mayor and city council members of Arvin have provided residents with a platform to voice their opinions and increase civic participation. Overall, these leaders have used their political role for the public good by taking the initiative to improve the living conditions of Latino residents in the community of Arvin. 2) Please discuss a current public policy issue that is relevant and timely for the Latino community and explain why this is important to the nation. AShow MoreRelatedHispanic Administration Essay833 Words   |  4 Pagesmillion Hispanic citizens who comprise nearly 17 percent of the entire population. Despite this, Hispanic public administrators only hold 34 out of 435 Congressional seats and 4 out of 100 Senate seats. However, Hispanic leaders are making inroads into the United States political system and paving the way to represent their peers on local and national levels. In conjunction with public supporters and community groups, these professionals are inspiring the next generation of Hispanic leaders and makingRead MoreHispanics and the Religious Landscape1167 Words   |  5 PagesStatement of the Problem Hispanics are transforming the nation’s religious landscape, not only because of their increasing numbers but also because they are practicing a distinctive form of Christianity. Religious expressions associated with the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements are a key attribute of worship for Hispanics in many of the major religious traditions — far more so than among non-Latinos. Moreover, the growth of the Hispanic population is leading to the emergence of Latino-orientedRead MoreRacism in America Essay examples1182 Words   |  5 PagesNaps! End of list. by denis leary. is there such a thing called equal right in this modern generation. freedom is overrated in the united state. slave has been abolish, racism is over, the civil rights movement ended segregation, so why are color teens been targeted. in the presentation Fourteen Example of Racism in criminal justice system by Fania Halirou. it about how color people including black and hispanic are been treated unfai rly by the justice system of America. the us constitution createdRead MoreThe Effects Of Hispanic Radio On American Society1132 Words   |  5 Pagesalways played an inherent role in the development of societies around the world. Before the mobile first generation, and even the television, the radio was the device that families would allow into their home and embrace as a connection to the outside world. With no exception to this rule, Hispanic radio has shaped the growing minorities role in American society ever since its boom. Hispanic radio has been the unifying force between Latino communities, which provided them with culturally relevantRead MoreHelath Promotion Eassy792 Words   |  4 Pagesthe same ethnic background and take over the tradition and culture from generation to generation. Looking at someone’s heritage, it includes traditional health methods how a particular ethnic background people to maintain health, protect health and restore health. I would like to discuss about health traditions; health maintenance, health protection and health restoration among with three different culture; Philippine, Hispanic and Japanese. Health Maintenance Read MoreSalt of the Earth: An Analysis of Themes677 Words   |  3 Pagesprovides some historical background on how Hispanic rights were violated by white industrialists. The land where the mine is located was once owned by members of the local Mexican-American community, however the Zinc Company moved in, took over the property and offered them the choice of moving or accepting employment at low wage. Additionally, the workers are enticed to live in management-owned houses and buy at management-owned stores. The homes of the Hispanics are shacks compared to those of theirRead MoreThe Roots Of Identity And Denial1279 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent from the rest. Person self identity depends on who you ask, it also with grandparents identifying themselves differently than the future generation. Our identity is defined, since our birth. We are born into a culture and language because the instructions were attach already to our parents. Culture is passed on from generation to generation. Every stage of our life, we learn the importance and meanings of our family ethic, values, religion, and norms that will follow throughout our lifeRead MoreGraduation Speech : Changing Demographics1587 Words   |  7 PagesBackground: Changing Demographics In 2016, department leaders will be challenged with our nation’s changing demographics, a dramatic change from the beginning of the twenty first century. The average college student was a recent high school graduate, white, middle class, male or female, satisfactory grades and understanding, and straight (the stereo typical all American). College enrollment was steady; students were graduating and entering college on a consistent level. A report was releasedRead MoreThe New York Times By Steven Greenhouse Spreads Light On Discrimination1179 Words   |  5 Pagesbigotry and unfair treatment of people all over the country. Ignorant of the fact that their parents, grandparents, and past generations alike are foreign to the land they live in and were immigrants to America themselves. When in fact according to a MIP study â€Å"approximately 80 million people, or one quarter of the overall U.S. population, is first or second generation immigrants†. The discrimination is vast and touches every surface of society. One article in the New York Times by Steven GreenhouseRead MoreDid You End Up Working For A Company Based On Credit Unions : Case Study746 Words   |  3 Pages1. How did you end up working for a company focused on helping credit unions serve the Hispanic market? In 2014, I was a participant of the Latina Leadership Initiative, a leadership program for young Latina women in Iowa. Miriam De Dios, Coopera’s CEO, presented about the struggles and opportunities in the underbanked and unbanked Hispanic market. I could relate to her presentation as I grew up in an underbanked household. I was intrigued by the topic and by her personal story. I reached out to

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Commonly Confused Words Faze and Phase

The words faze and phase are homophones: they sound alike but have different meanings. Definitions The verb faze means to bother or disturb the composure (of someone). As a noun, phase means a stage of development or a distinct portion of a process, system, or presentation. As a verb, phase means to plan or carry out systematically in stages. Examples It takes a lot more than boos and catcalls to faze Norma.After her time as a nurse, she  wasnt fazed  by blood, guts or gore. After raising three boys she  wasnt fazed  at being left in sole charge of four grandchildren under three. And after a lifetime of being uninterested in TV she wasnt the slightest bit fazed when the producers of Channel Fours Big Breakfast once asked her to pop out of an oversized Christmas present live on national TV.(Mike Gayle,  The To-Do List. Hodder Stoughton, 2009)Being the first to cross the finish line makes you a winner in only one phase of life.His instinct was to stay in the little thick-walled country house, and read, and eat sandwiches he made for  himself of raisins and peanut butter, and wait for this phase of his life to pass. Moving from the first house, leaving it behind, had taught him that a life had phases.(John Updike, The Brown Chest. The Afterlife and Other Stories. Knopf, 1994)Big, driverless machines, including tractors, will be a reality on some Australian farms this decade. While they will represent an obvious next phase in the evolution of that titan of rural production, the tractor, first commercially introduced to Australia by A.H. McDonald in 1908, people-less vehicles will not represent  the  cutting edge of agricultural technology and production.  That will most likely be left to the robots.(Paul Daley, Transforming the Bush: Robots, Drones, and Cows That Milk Themselves. The Guardian [UK], June 4, 2016) Idiom Alerts The expression phase in means to gradually implement or introduce  a product, process, position, or service.[T]he State Pension age will be subject to periodic increases phased in over 2-year periods. A further increase to age 67  will be phased in  from 2034 and a third increase, to age 68, will commence in 2044.(Sharon Hermes, Private Pension Reform and Personal Accounts in the UK.  Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, 2009)The expression phase out means to gradually bring to an end a product, process, position, or service.The garden care  giant Ortho said  on Tuesday that it would stop using neonicotinoids, a class of chemicals widely believed to harm bees.  The brand, which is owned by Scotts Miracle-Gro, plans to  phase out  the chemicals by 2021 in eight of its products used to control garden pests and diseases.(Associated Press, Ortho to Phase Out Chemicals Blamed for Decline in Bees. The New York Times, April 12, 2016)The expression to go through a ph ase means to experience a temporary period of change or development.Dad, you cant read me like a book. Im not a book. And dont tell me Im  going through a phase. Thats what you said to me when I was twelve years old. Everything I did, I was  going through a phase. Well, this isnt a phase, this is my life. Im almost forty-five years old.(Gerald Shapiro, From Hunger. University of Missouri Press, 1993) Practice (a) We are entering a new _____ in human history, one in which fewer and fewer workers will be needed to produce the goods and services for the global population.(b) Though Harry had never been on television before, being in front of a camera didnt seem to _____ him. Answers to Practice Exercises:Fazeand Phase (a) We are entering a new  phase  in human history, one in which fewer and fewer workers will be needed to produce the goods and services for the global population.(b) Though Harry had never been on television before, being in front of a camera didnt seem to  faze  him.

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Exposure At Diversity And Time Spent Studying Diversity Essay

(INTRO) In my research I have come across three main points that do their part to answer the question. First main point that comes from this research is, exposure to diversity and time spent studying diversity helps develop empathy in the student. Second, a knowledge of diversity due to exposure to it in secondary schools allow students to develop meaningful relationships with people that are different than themselves as well as prevent anxiety for when they enter the world outside of their secondary school. Finally, my research has shown that exposure to diversity stays with the student well after secondary school and because of this it affects their decisions throughout their lives following school. These decisions, when preceded by an exposure to diversity, lead to integration and thus destroy the â€Å"Perpetuation Theory.† All three of these main ideas hover around the idea of knowledge and understanding of the â€Å"other.† This research shows the importance of e xposure to diversity because of the way it causes students to critically think about themselves and the world around them. (INTRODUCTION TO EMPATHY AND ARTICLE 4) A case study was done by high school literature teachers as a way to help develop and monitor the growth of empathy that their students had for people that were culturally different then them (Louie, 2005). During this study, students were introduced to life for the people that lived through China during the high point of the countries Communism. The teachersShow MoreRelatedEffects of Television on Child Development: Comparing Adverse and Positive Consequences of Watching Television1138 Words   |  5 PagesEffects of Television on Child Development: Comparing Adverse and Positive Consequences of Watching Television Studying the effects of children watching television has been a popular field of research for many years and is becoming increasingly important as more of children’s time is spent on television. There are strong arguments for both the benefits and the detriments of television exposure. One of the most common arguments against television is the suggestion that it increases violence. Other casesRead MoreAn Ideal Candidate For Your Nursing Program868 Words   |  4 Pagescandidate for your nursing program would bring diversity, medical experience, and strong academics. These are qualities that I have, but these qualities alone do not automatically make me the perfect candidate. I understand that becoming a nurse is a lifetime commitment of learning and selfless altruism. Being strong academically will help me do well on a test, being exposed and educated about different cultures comforts me in the company of diversity. The medical knowledge and experience I have willRead MoreA Study on Financing, Liberal Arts, and Equity1572 Words   |  6 Pageswho has had the limited exposure given in high school because it exposes the student to more areas and it helps students understand rather than just learn by rote (Carnevale Strohl, Winter 2001). In high school, Liberal Arts is very limited because students are not learning even the basic skills as it is; consequently, the precious time and resources needed to teach them these basic skills cannot be spent on the broader areas offered by Liberal Arts. At the same time, teachers in secondary publicRead MorePositive and Negative on Worldviews1694 Words   |  7 Pagesof me because it helped to counteract my tendency toward exclusivity. This desire to engage cultures different than my own with the Gospel first spurred my true interaction with a different denominational concept of Christianity. After my initial exposure to the Restoration Movement, I had my worldview further stretched by joining a interdenominational missions organization. Finally Central has played a key role in developing my worldview especially regarding how to exegete the Scriptures. It hasRead MoreTv : Hijacking The Psychosocial And Physical Well Being Of Children1426 Words   |  6 PagesIn fact, highly s exual and violent content that is present in TV programs desensitizes children to violence in the real world and incites them to act aggressively. Beth Greenwood (n.d.) argues that multiple studies have shown a correlation between exposure to violent movies on TV and heightened levels of aggressiveness based on the emulation of actions committed by movie stars. She states that, as a consequence, these children are likely to disobey their parents and teachers, not to mention to turnRead MoreHollywood And The American Entertainment Industry1872 Words   |  8 Pagesportrayals of people of color (PoC) often reduce them to negative stereotypes. How does the lack of exposure to multidimensional non-white characters, along with the continuous exposure to stereotyped characters of color and whitewashed roles impact on the way Americans see race? With the average American consuming approximately 10  ½ hours of media a day (Neilson), it is important to understand how media exposure affect s the ways white people view people of color, and the ways people of color view themselvesRead MoreCase Study- Disney Theme Park1682 Words   |  7 Pagespark in Shanghai China in 2008; The Park will attract different potential visitors in Shanghai. Overview Disney Theme Park - Points of Interest (Michael Sandbergs Data Visualization Blog) Getting people excited about their data one visual at a time * Walt Disney had infinite confidence in his new park and unapologetically included future attractions and â€Å"lands† as if they were just around the corner. Examples of attractions that made it are: the Submarine Voyage, New Orleans Square, andRead More The Effectiveness of a Multicultural and Bilingual Education1198 Words   |  5 Pagesfrom diverse ethnic backgrounds do better in school when they have a better understanding of each other?s cultures (Banks 99). 3 Gena Dagel Caponi associate professor of American Studies at the University of Texas in San Antonio states; Studying any one part of us does not divide us, it educates us. Occasionally, it inspires us (102). Living in peace and harmony should be everyone?s goal. In order to do this, we need to really know our neighbors. Learning and understanding their cultureRead MoreEffects of Video Games on Children and Teenagers Essay1251 Words   |  6 PagesOne way in which video games can be beneficial is by supporting individuals’ intellectual development in the areas of problem solving and logic. Games like Cut the Rope, Angry Birds and The Incredible Machine require players to solve a puzzle under time limited conditions. When people are playing these games, they practice their critical thinking skills and creativity, which are both important components of intelligence. Games can also improve one’s ability to plan and manage resources. In variousRead MoreLife Experience, Education, And Volunteer Experience Essay1984 Words   |  8 Pagessuccess was well documented, I was no longer achieving the meaningful fulfillment I once experienced in my career. The industry had taken a shift in focus that minimized the opportunity to develop employees in favor of reducing costs by utilizing part time staff to increase profitability. Ultimately, the direction was to eliminate, or at a minimum, substantially reduce, the most fulfilling aspect of my position. Interestingly, the company leadership did me a favor in that I felt compelled to identify

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Ben-Hur: A Tale Of Christ By Lew Wallace (1827 1905) Essay Ben-Hur: A Tale ofChristby Lew Wallace (1827 1905)Type of Work:Historical romantic fictionSettingJudea and Rome; during the time of JesusChristPrincipal CharactersJudah Bur-Hur, a JewBen-Hurs mother and sisterTirzahMessala, a Roman citizen; Judahs childhoodfriend, and later hated enemyArrius, a Roman commanderSimonides, an aged Hur servantMallach, Simonides servantStory Overveiw(The tale begins with an account of Jesushumble birth, the adoration of the infant by three sages from the East,and the childs delivery from the hands of King Herod.)Several years following Jesus birth, JudahBen-Hur was one day on the streets speaking to his childhood companion,Messala. Messala had grown up in Judea, but five years earlier had leftto study in Rome. He had changed considerably in those years, and sincehis return Judah had found it difficult to speak with him. A wall had beencast up between them. Now, while Messala bragged, Judah grew more and moreangry at his friends new arrogance. Finally he e rupted: You have givenme suffering today by convincing me that we can never be the friends wehave been never! Thus they parted. Alone in his room, Judah brooded. AlthoughMessalas attitudes were insufferable, there was some justification tohis pride. At least Messala now had a military profession; Judah had nothing. After much thought, Judah concluded that he himself would go to Rome, learnthe arts of war, and return to drive the Romans out of his land. He wouldtell only Tirzah, his sister, of his plans. Days later, Judah and Tirzah climbed totheir rooftop to watch as the new and much hated Procurator of Judea,Valerius Gratus, passed with his region on his way into the city. Jewslined the road to hurl insults at Gratus. As Judah leaned out to catcha glimpse of the Procurator, his hand accidentally displaced a loose tile,and he lunged out, trying to catch it. This act made it look as thoughJudah had pitched the tile like a missile which unerringly flew to itsmark. Gratus fell from the seat as though dead. . In seconds, Roman soldiershad forced their way into the house and pinned the youth to the floor. Then Judah heard a familiar voice: That is he! Messala, dressed as anofficer of the legion, pretended not to recognize Judah. You have him,he sneered. And that is his mother; yonder is his sister. You have hiswhole family. Judah watched as the Romans led his mother and sister awayand confiscated their property. As the soldiers moved on toward the coastalvillage of Nazareth, people wondered at their youthful, half-naked prisoner. When the Romans finally paused at the town well, The prisoner sank downin the dust of the road. A young man stepped forward to offer the prisonera drink. As the stranger laid his hand upon Judahs shoulder, Judah lookedup into a face he never forgot. His vengeful spirit melted under thestrangers look and became as a childs . And so, for the first time,Judah and the son of Mary met and parted.Three years later, Judah was an oarsmanon a Roman galley commanded by the respected and able Arrius, who was leadingan armada to rid the Mediterranean of pirates. As a connoisseur of menphysically, Arrius enjoyed descending below deck to watch the rowers. On this voyage, he was immensely impressed by one young man among the exhausted,emaciated slaves. The youth was tall, and his limbs, upper and nether,were singularly perfect. Moreover, he rowed with a certain harmony.When Arrius queried him about his background, Judah revealed that he wasthe son of a prince and merchant of Jerusalem, from the house of Hur. Arriuscould not fathom that such a youth would attempt to assassinate a Romanofficial. Momo EssayAfter a closer look, she cried, As the Lord liveth, the man is my son.But as Tirzah ran to kiss her brother, her mother restrained her: theywere unclean outcasts. The women left the city, eventually to enter aleper colony. It was better that Judah remember them as they had once been. On the following day, Ben-Hur and otherJewish zealots made their way to Pilate to protest a recent tax edict. When the demonstration turned violent, Roman centurions pushed throughthe crowd swinging clubs. Challenged by a soldier, Ben-Hur found himselfforced to fight. But his single sword thrust hit home and the Roman fellto the ground. Ben-Hur became a hero in the village. Believingthat his family was dead, he now turned his attention to another goal:the elimination of all Romans from Judea. Spurred on by Simonides insistencethat a deliverer would soon coi-ne to lead the Jews to victory againsttheir oppressors, he secretly raised and trained three legions of Jewishsoldiers. Then one evening Ben-Hur received a letterfrom Malluch in Jerusalem. It told of the arrival in that city of a King,a Savior, who was the one to lead the Jews out of bondage. Ben-Hur wasstunned; he must go and discover for himself if this man was indeed thelong-awaited King of the Jews.When Ben-Hur finally found this man, theNazarene did not look at all like a king; his calm, benignant countenance,the very idea of war and conquest, and lust of dominion, smote like a profanation. He stared at the figure. Faintly at first, at lasta clear light, a burst of sunshine, the scene by the wall at Nazareth thattime the Roman guard was dragging him to the galleys returned. . . Atonce he fathomed the truth: this is the SON of GOD!That same day, Ben-Hurs mother and sisterwere also seeking out this prophet, who was said to have the power to healthe afflicted. Amid a mob of admirers and curiosity seekers, they werefinally able to approach him. All he asked them was if they believed. Thouart he of w hom the prophets spake. Thou art the Messiah! they responded. Then Christs eyes grew radiant, his maniier confident. Woman,he said,great is thy faith; be it unto thee even as thou wilt. Immediately,each woman felt the scourge going from her; their strength revived; theywere returning to be themselves. Soon thereafter, these two were reunitedwith Ben-Hur and his bride Esther, Simonides daughter. They were reunitedin their love for one another and for Christ. CommentaryWallaces mixture of adventure, melodrama,period language, and accurately-depicted intercultural relations make Beti-Htiran amazing blend of history and intrigue. Wallace also revels in lengthydescriptions of ancient architecture and customs. At times these deviceshelp pull the reader closer to the action, and, at other times, they producefatigue. Ben-Hur chronicles a mans triumphant risenot only out of the depths of slavery but also out of the depths of anger. Perhaps Ben-Hurs greatest victory came when he ultimately put off vengeanceand chose instead to celebrate love, and to forgive his enemies as Jesushad taught.